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Dear World….

March 23, 2010

Hello World,

I have something I would like to propose.  It’s a pretty small thing, so don’t worry world it won’t put you out.

I would like to propose that March 22nd be known from now on as Impossible Day.  A day dedicated to making the impossible, possible.

Yes, dear world, it would be inspired by the wonderful people of The Impossible Project. After all, instant film has a soft spot in mine and so many other hearts. But please don’t think that people who haven’t fallen in love with instant film would be excluded. After all, analoge love is a world wide encompassing love.  And that’s really what Impossible Day would be about, love and how it’s worth fighting for things you love, even when the world tells you it’s impossible. So many people in the history of humanity have worked hard on projects and plans that everyone else said was crazy. The Wright Brothers come to mind first, but that is from a time so far removed from our own that I don’t think their struggle means anything to anyone now. After all, in this day and age, it’s better to go with the flow than to swim upstream right? Wrong, dear world! That is not a sentiment I agree with. I firmly believe that anything that is worth doing is going to take time and effort. These things that take more time and more effort are often the things that are that much more rewarding. Like growing vegetables yourself, and then cooking with them.  That kind of meal is the best kind I’ve ever had.  Sure, it takes longer that going to the supermarket, but would you trade it for a supermarket made meal? Me neither.

When I think about the Impossible Project, my head fills with so many wonderful things. Pictures, Polaroids, the click of camera shutters and the joy of watching a picture develop, but also a world where the pace is slower, where 8 year olds don’t walk around talking on their cell phones and playing games on their iPhones. Is that so wrong, world? Would a bit of magic coming back into this technology heavy world be bad?

I think not.

I know it’s a lot of pressure to put on packs of film, but when you think about how these packs of film weren’t supposed to even exist and yet they do. World, it’s only a very small step, a step against the grain and against the flow. But every journey starts with a step, no matter how small.

Maybe this world will soften up a bit with a bit of magic. I know I sure will.

Thanks for listening world,

Love, Ashley E.

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