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‘Pieces of the Moon’ at the Catalog Gallery

July 10, 2011

Tomorrow is the start of the first ‘Roid Week of 2011.  It will be my 4th time participating in it, and every time I get more and more excited for ‘Roid Week.

I figured that a perfect way to kick it off was with a post about the Mikael Kennedy Polaroid show I saw the other week called ‘Pieces of the Moon’ at the Catalog Gallery in Vancouver that is curated by The Jealous Curator.

I was incredibly excited when I heard about this show because, honestly, there aren’t often Polaroid shows in Vancouver. Most of the ones I know of are in New York where the US office of The Impossible Project is based.  So a polaroid show in Vancouver, especially one featuring photos by the wonderful Mikael Kennedy, is something I couldn’t pass up!

M. and I checked it out with a couple of our friends and it was incredibly inspiring! ‘Pieces of the Moon‘ is selected photos from a larger show called ‘Shoot the Moon’ comprised of 500 polaroids of Mikael Kennedy‘s exciting life and travels around the US. ‘Pieces’ takes 50 photos out of that and focuses on the women from ‘Shoot’.

The polaroids themselves are so beautiful and understated. They are photos of people being people, giving you a tiny glimpse into the life of someone you will never meet, and yet, all the glimpses feel familiar. The women in the photos are relaxing, hanging out, walking, riding in cars, and doing things I do almost everyday. With each photo I saw I felt less like I was looking at someone elses life, and more like I was looking at my life played by different people in different settings. The intimacy of it is startling and breath-taking.


It was a beautiful evening of meeting people and inspiration. M. and I walked through the whole exhibit at least twice, often jumping from one wall to another as we discovered photos we liked and calling the other over to see. Neither of us could pick a favorite.

If you are in Vancouver and have time to see this show, I encourage you to do so. It is up until July 17th, and is completely worth a look.

Many thanks to the Jealous Curator for curating this amazing show.


July 7

July 7, 2011

So I had this whole big idea for a post last week about goals, creativity, blah, blah, blah, but then the long weekend hit and I never got around to finishing it. I planned to finish it on Sunday, but then M. got crazy sick and so all plans were on hold while I played nurse. I thought I might finish it on Tuesday, but then I got crazy sick and that has been the status quo since.

The only one who isn’t sick is our cat, Spandy, but unless he learns to go to the grocery store and buy cold medicine, it’s not actually helping that much. Seeing as my attempts to get him to learn to clean his own litter box have been rather disastrous, it’s probably a good thing I don’t entrust him with money for cold medicine. He’d probably just buy magic catnip beans with it.

For now, until I feel better, please enjoy this pretty photo of cherry blossoms.

And don’t forget to take your Vitamin C!

Flooded with Blossoms

June 23, 2011

I have so many pictures from this spring that I haven’t had a chance to post because of wedding craziness.

So here are two Polaroids I took in April, right at the end of cherry blossom season. The streets and gutters were so full of pink petals that you could hardly see the ground beneath them.

In Need of Healing

June 17, 2011

I find conversation over tea or coffee to be healing. And I know me and all of Vancouver need some healing right now. 

M. and I sat on the couch last night, silent except for the occasional sip from our (larger than usual) wine glasses. We knew what the other was feeling, but stumbled over how to put it into words. Finally I said “I feel like I’ve lost something, an innocence or faith in people, and now I’m in mourning.”

Friends I’ve talked to and people who are quoted in newspaper articles seem to all be saying the same thing following Wednesday’s riots in downtown Vancouver. We are grieving what could have been, and mourning the loss of our belief in each other.

This loss is so devastating because leading up to Wednesday, the comradery in the city was at a high similar to when the Olympics were in town. Strangers were high-fiving each other and giving each other thumbs up signs simply for the fact that they were both wearing Canucks shirts. Someone downtown would walk into a crowd with a Canucks flag tied to a hockey stick and the whole crowd would cheer and clap. Business men wore Canucks jerseys over their suits, and would bend over to give a high five to toddlers and their parents who grinned while wearing the #1 on their backs. With so much joviality and friendliness going around the city since the playoffs began in April, it was a shock to suddenly see people who would have cheered along side you flipping police cars, setting fires to garbage cans and looting businesses.

In the aftermath one wants to think of the people were rioting as wolves in sheep’s clothing, not ‘real’ fans, not ‘real’ Vancouverites, not people like us. We want to believe we were duped or tricked,  that the hooligans had evil intentions all along and were hiding in plain sight. We don’t want to face the fact that sometimes people, even people we know and see on a regular basis, do horrible things. We want to separate ourselves from the people who looted stores and trashed businesses by saying we would never do that, they aren’t like us.

But they are. In the end, Wednesday night’s riots and atrocities were committed by humans, the same as we are- humans who were born, who grew up in various life situations, humans who need to eat and sleep same as we do.

And that sameness makes it all the harder to deal with actions we don’t understand.

I wish I could end this by saying there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that things will get better and the city will go back to being the same it was before. But grief is not simple and doesn’t respond well to simple platitudes of “cheer up!” Grief is complicated and it affects everyone differently. The only thing that will help is time, and often grief takes longer to subside than you expect. Even years after you have come to terms with it, sometimes it will hit you out of nowhere and tears will sting your eyes again and your heart will again break.

The one thing I ask you to remember, each and every person from Vancouver, is that you are not alone in your mourning and your grief. Console each other and help each other to rebuild. Reach out into your community and help it to move forward. Friendship and community are the only way we can overcome what has happened.


Team Spirit

June 15, 2011

(UPDATE: While I was really hoping the Canucks would win, I am so saddened and disappointed about the riot that broke out when they didn’t.  That is not the Vancouver I know. Reports say that it was likely planned and would have happened even if they had won. I am thankful that my friends and loved ones made it safely home, but it was very scary last night. In light of this horrible event, a lot of good is also happening. Check out @VancouverClean on twitter to see the people of Vancouver band together to clean up a mess that a very small percentage created.)

Tonight is the night, winner takes all!

If you didn’t grow up with hockey, then the frenzy around the Stanley Cup finals may seem like a mystery to you.  For me though, it’s like a low thumping bass from a car parked at a stop light that vibrated through my bones.

I grew up watching Wayne Gretzky play for the Edmonton Oilers, I remember being angry when he was traded away. I think I’ve watched some or all of the Stanley Cup playoffs for every year of my life (excluding the lock out, which we  won’t talk about). My husband is also die-hard hockey fan who loves the game so much that it’s infectious. He  respects good players on all teams and all leagues (except for Calgary, don’t EVER mention Calgary).

Since making Vancouver our home we have also developed a fondness for their hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks. Since the playoff started in April that fondness has developed into a nail-biting, stomach-flips, nervous excitement that takes up our thoughts every day. It’s a buzz that everyone is talking about, and strangers on the street stop each other to high-five in the street. Bus drivers, store windows, everywhere you look the city is cheering and showing its support for their team.

Today we aren’t hundreds of thousands of different people, today we are all Canucks.

Here’s to the Vancouver Canucks and bringing the Cup home to Canada!

Good bye single life, hello married life!

June 10, 2011

Hello everyone!

I’m back! I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful guest posts from all those lovely ladies last week. Check them out here if you missed any of them!

I am now officially married and so far am loving every minute of it. The wedding was a wonderful, magical day and while not everything went as planned, it was beautiful. The weather, which has been rainy and gross most  of this spring even cleaned up it’s act and there was nothing but sun and sea breeze all day. I will, of course, post photos as soon as I have my hot little hands on them. 😉

Until then, I’m busy trying to catch up on what I missed with my week away from the internet, and also making plans for a couple of mini summer holidays. M and I are thinking of heading down to Seattle for a weekend, and of course at least one weekend over on Vancouver Island to visit his family.  Mostly though, this summer is going to be all about relaxation after the tears and fears that were wedding planning.

Here are some things I’m looking forward to this summer:

– BBQ’s with friends

– Farmer’s market’s on Saturday

– Bike rides with M. on sunny evenings. (I got a bike!)

– Lazy Saturday’s in the sun watching M. play street hockey

– Ice cream in all forms.

– dinner outside on our picnic table

– Bare toes in sand

– Sunlight everywhere.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Wedding Week Guest – Nadia of La Porte Rouge

June 3, 2011
Today’s guest blogger is the lovely Nadia from La Porte Rouge. As she has taken photos for a few weddings, she has some wonderful words for me, who has only ever been to a couple.
I am very lucky i have married my best friend, we have been that from the very moment we met.
I am also very lucky to have been part of many weddings as a photographer, i have seen many different
Ways to get married, to celebrate. what i love most is the moments in between, the ones that bride and grooms steal in between the gathering of friends and family. i also love when i catch a conversation in pictures, the ones that speak of intimate moments and truth.

as per my wedding it is funny even though my wedding was intimate a few good friends and family it is amazing how quickly it goes and how little you remember of the things gone wrong such as the wrong flowers and cake, things that i would think would be horrible at the end 
you hardly notice because you are smiling both in the inside and out, for you have just married the one you love and who loves you and hence begins your fairy tale.

Wishing you the very best on you’re wedding day Ashley, hold his hand from that day forward whenever you can.
Thank you so much Nadia! Don’t forget to check out more of her photography and writing at La Porte Rouge.
I hope you all have enjoyed the wonderful blog posts from all our wonderful guest bloggers, don’t forget to check out blogs and say hi to them there.
I will be back next week, all married and blissful! And don’t worry, I will give you all kinds of updates and photos after the fact.
Cheers everyone!