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Heavy Thoughts, Light Thoughts

July 22, 2011

Lately I’ve had all kinds of thoughts running through my head. Thoughts about where I want to go with my photography, ways I need to expand with it. Thoughts about where I want to go as a person and how to become the person I want to be.  Heavy thoughts that blind fold me, spin me around and then tell me to pick a direction, and it had better be a good pick ’cause there is no take-backs and no do-overs.

Of course, that’s not really true. Whatever choice I make, should it not work out, I can always choose to change things up again. But once in a while I always forget and end up in a panic.

Today I’m trying to remind myself of that, of the how very few things in life are permanent, and while one thing, like the flower above, may fade, in its place there may grow something that is just as beautiful in a different way.

Here are some things that are blooming for me today and making me smile:

– The thought of sunshine tomorrow and bbq’d ribs in the evening.

‘Everything Beautiful Began After’, a beautiful book by Simon Van Booy, whose writing I fell in love with through his two short story books, ‘The Secret Lives of People in Love‘ and ‘Love Begins in Winter’. This man can use words like no one I have ever read and honestly, I think I’m a bit smitten.

– Sleeping in my own bed after being away last weekend. Nothing is quite as good as sleeping in your own bed with your husband and your cat.

– True Blood. It’s cheesy, it’s sexy, it’s addicting. Each week I wonder if I’ll be able to make it until the next episode. Lately I’ve been reading the novels which the show is based on. Though reading might not be quite the right word as I have finished the first four novels in just 4 days. Devour might be a better word.

– Plans for a fun party I can hopefully pull together this summer. It involves paint, canvases, friends and food. Sounds like the best party ever!

What is making you smile today?


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  1. July 22, 2011 9:17 pm

    I think either direction you go with your photography, for fun or for a career, you will succeed.

  2. Tisha permalink
    July 23, 2011 8:24 pm

    Heavy thoughts indeed, but ones we all should probably contemplate once in awhile!

    What’s making me smile today? Let’s see …. The sun finally peeking through the clouds after many days of rain … feeling better after an annoying tummy ache … listening to my hubby making up nonesense-songs for fun … watching old home movies with the ‘rents …

    There’s so many little treasures in life that are wonderful and precious. I guess the thing we sometimes forget to do is look for them. Thanks for the reminder, babe! ❤


  3. July 24, 2011 8:19 am

    I will have to look into the author you have suggested. I love a good short story. Things making me smile: taking a walk early this morning, eating raspberries, and looking forward to a date day with my boyfriend.

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