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‘Pieces of the Moon’ at the Catalog Gallery

July 10, 2011

Tomorrow is the start of the first ‘Roid Week of 2011.  It will be my 4th time participating in it, and every time I get more and more excited for ‘Roid Week.

I figured that a perfect way to kick it off was with a post about the Mikael Kennedy Polaroid show I saw the other week called ‘Pieces of the Moon’ at the Catalog Gallery in Vancouver that is curated by The Jealous Curator.

I was incredibly excited when I heard about this show because, honestly, there aren’t often Polaroid shows in Vancouver. Most of the ones I know of are in New York where the US office of The Impossible Project is based.  So a polaroid show in Vancouver, especially one featuring photos by the wonderful Mikael Kennedy, is something I couldn’t pass up!

M. and I checked it out with a couple of our friends and it was incredibly inspiring! ‘Pieces of the Moon‘ is selected photos from a larger show called ‘Shoot the Moon’ comprised of 500 polaroids of Mikael Kennedy‘s exciting life and travels around the US. ‘Pieces’ takes 50 photos out of that and focuses on the women from ‘Shoot’.

The polaroids themselves are so beautiful and understated. They are photos of people being people, giving you a tiny glimpse into the life of someone you will never meet, and yet, all the glimpses feel familiar. The women in the photos are relaxing, hanging out, walking, riding in cars, and doing things I do almost everyday. With each photo I saw I felt less like I was looking at someone elses life, and more like I was looking at my life played by different people in different settings. The intimacy of it is startling and breath-taking.


It was a beautiful evening of meeting people and inspiration. M. and I walked through the whole exhibit at least twice, often jumping from one wall to another as we discovered photos we liked and calling the other over to see. Neither of us could pick a favorite.

If you are in Vancouver and have time to see this show, I encourage you to do so. It is up until July 17th, and is completely worth a look.

Many thanks to the Jealous Curator for curating this amazing show.

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