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Team Spirit

June 15, 2011

(UPDATE: While I was really hoping the Canucks would win, I am so saddened and disappointed about the riot that broke out when they didn’t.  That is not the Vancouver I know. Reports say that it was likely planned and would have happened even if they had won. I am thankful that my friends and loved ones made it safely home, but it was very scary last night. In light of this horrible event, a lot of good is also happening. Check out @VancouverClean on twitter to see the people of Vancouver band together to clean up a mess that a very small percentage created.)

Tonight is the night, winner takes all!

If you didn’t grow up with hockey, then the frenzy around the Stanley Cup finals may seem like a mystery to you.  For me though, it’s like a low thumping bass from a car parked at a stop light that vibrated through my bones.

I grew up watching Wayne Gretzky play for the Edmonton Oilers, I remember being angry when he was traded away. I think I’ve watched some or all of the Stanley Cup playoffs for every year of my life (excluding the lock out, which we  won’t talk about). My husband is also die-hard hockey fan who loves the game so much that it’s infectious. He  respects good players on all teams and all leagues (except for Calgary, don’t EVER mention Calgary).

Since making Vancouver our home we have also developed a fondness for their hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks. Since the playoff started in April that fondness has developed into a nail-biting, stomach-flips, nervous excitement that takes up our thoughts every day. It’s a buzz that everyone is talking about, and strangers on the street stop each other to high-five in the street. Bus drivers, store windows, everywhere you look the city is cheering and showing its support for their team.

Today we aren’t hundreds of thousands of different people, today we are all Canucks.

Here’s to the Vancouver Canucks and bringing the Cup home to Canada!

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