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Wedding Week Guest – Nadia of La Porte Rouge

June 3, 2011
Today’s guest blogger is the lovely Nadia from La Porte Rouge. As she has taken photos for a few weddings, she has some wonderful words for me, who has only ever been to a couple.
I am very lucky i have married my best friend, we have been that from the very moment we met.
I am also very lucky to have been part of many weddings as a photographer, i have seen many different
Ways to get married, to celebrate. what i love most is the moments in between, the ones that bride and grooms steal in between the gathering of friends and family. i also love when i catch a conversation in pictures, the ones that speak of intimate moments and truth.

as per my wedding it is funny even though my wedding was intimate a few good friends and family it is amazing how quickly it goes and how little you remember of the things gone wrong such as the wrong flowers and cake, things that i would think would be horrible at the end 
you hardly notice because you are smiling both in the inside and out, for you have just married the one you love and who loves you and hence begins your fairy tale.

Wishing you the very best on you’re wedding day Ashley, hold his hand from that day forward whenever you can.
Thank you so much Nadia! Don’t forget to check out more of her photography and writing at La Porte Rouge.
I hope you all have enjoyed the wonderful blog posts from all our wonderful guest bloggers, don’t forget to check out blogs and say hi to them there.
I will be back next week, all married and blissful! And don’t worry, I will give you all kinds of updates and photos after the fact.
Cheers everyone!

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