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Wedding Week Guest – Amanda Gilligan

June 2, 2011

Today’s beautiful guest post is from Amanda Gilligan of Mocking Bird. She had put together a wonderful post of Polaroids that depict some beautiful moments of love and relationships.


Hello everyone. My name is Amanda and I write the blog, Mocking Bird. Ashley asked me to stop by while she is off enjoying her wedding celebrations. Congratulations, Ashley!
To celebrate with the bride and groom, today I thought I’d share some tales of love in Polaroid form. Some of the most beautiful photographs are those of people who love. Please visit the streams of the photographers as listed below the images.


By Colton Davie

Escena de amor entre pareja anónima #1

By Sicotavia

By Lou O’Bedlam

and finally...

By Rhiannon Adam

roof hug

By Michael C. Kappeler

Ah, sweet love! Congratulations Ashley!


Thanks Amanda!

Check out her own beautiful photos and wonderful writing at Mocking Bird

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