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Wedding Week Guest – Azuree Wiitala

June 1, 2011

Today’s guest blogger is the amazing Azuree of XO Azuree. She is such a sweetheart and has been married to her husband Christopher for 3 years (as of a few days ago!). Her post has some great advice that me and Mike will have to remember as we move forward with our marriage.

Writing is Sexy
Hello! My name is Azuree and I’m filling in for Ashley on a post here while she’s off getting’ hitched! Congrats Ashley. Weddings are so fun aren’t they? Everyone comes out to celebrate your super fun find in life, a partner! Someone that is there to hold your hand when you burn dinner and are upset. A person to share in your joys, woes, concerns, dreams, ambitions and everyday life living. It’s such an incredible thing, to share your life with with another person. Kind of nuts to think that someone is making a promise to be by your side when you wake up in the morning with crazy hair, to put up with you when your grumpy and to be stoked with you when life shines on you.

I’ve only been married for 3 years but in those three years I’ve learned that what they tell you about marriage being work is true! You really have to become very self less and share the good the bad and the ugly. That’s been hard for me, but the reward – having someone who cares about the things I care about and sharing my dreams with someone and having them share theirs with me too is totally worth it!

Ashley, here are some things I’ve learned along the way that have helped me keep my sanity!:

What they say about not fighting before bed- it’s true. I learned this the hard way but if you just sleep on it, chances are in the morning you’ll wonder why you were crazy last night!

Sometimes it is incredibly tempting to bask in the “I told you so” glory when I’m right and he’s wrong but this has done little to build each other up. Text a friend your glory instead of smirking at your hubby.

Communicate! I’m actually pretty good at this, but have found that when I’m lacking in my communication skills and am hoping that Christopher will magically know I want to head to Chipotle for dinner I’m often disappointed. It hurts my pride a little to ask for affection when I need it and am not getting it but it hurts more to expect for someone to know something that is hard to just feel out.

With all that said- Congratulations on starting a new chapter in your life my friend- being a little Wife! Cheers!

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