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Wedding Week Guest – Diana of Our City Lights

May 31, 2011

Today’s guest blogger is the wonderful Diana of Our City Lights who is talking about her husband Scott and how he became her muse. (PS. Diana and Scott had the most adorable library themed wedding, which you should totally check out!)


I never understood the attraction to having a muse. I thought a little creativity and inspiration elsewhere is all a photographer needed, no muse required. That’s until I met my husband, Scott. Something about his tall and thin build makes me want to photograph the heck out of him. He’s a handsome fellow, with a sexy beard to add to the handsome manner. Here are my favorite photos my muse has inspired.

May 2009, California, Polaroid Spectra

Scott with the other Diana

June 2010, California, Polaroid Spectra


November 2010, NYC, Canon Rebel XS, 50mm with Lensbaby filter

Scott and Brookly Bridge

March 2009, California, Canon Powershot

Scott Douglas

March 2009, California, Olympus Trip 35


August 2010, California, Canon Rebel XS


May 2010, California, Polaroid 600

'Roid Week 2010

March 2011, Rome, Canon Rebel T2i

Scott, reading

February 2011, California, Polaroid 600


I think the last one is my favorite. It was unexpected, silly and a perfect example of why he is my muse.


Check out more of Diana’s photos and wonderful writing on her blog – Our City Lights

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  1. May 31, 2011 8:19 pm

    thats so lovely. last week when i asked my husband why he always took photos of me he said it was because i was his muse.. nawww. so cute.

  2. May 31, 2011 9:41 pm

    Your husband is really cute. It helps that he’s clever and a good writer too. I remember his posts while you were in the hospital. I like my men tall, dark and nerdy as well 🙂

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