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Two Seasons – One Day

February 10, 2011

Would you believe these two photos were taken on the same day within minutes of each other? One showing winter’s chill grip, and the other spring’s tender starts. We’ve been having a fair amount of sun this week which is lovely, but it makes for frosty mornings.

There is something about frost, the way it traces lines and features you would never have noticed before, like all the veins on a leaf. Frost seems a harsh kind of honesty, where as snow is like a comforting lie, not showing us what is beneath it.

My head this week has felt so full of wedding decisions that need to be made, important decisions that I’m scared of making in case I decide wrong. It’s a silly feeling, there really isn’t a ‘wrong’ since it’s our wedding and we can arrange it the way we want. Still the feeling lingers, and so each decision from ‘what time should the ceremony start?’ to ‘where should our engagement shoot be?’ to the simple ones like ‘cupcakes or cake?’ becomes a topic filled with anxiety and stress.

As a way to help myself cool off and laugh at these stresses. I have downloaded a magic 8 ball app to my iPhone (did I tell you have an iPhone? I do!). So far I’ve asked it things like ‘should I wear a skirt for the engagement shoot?’ (Reply Hazy, try again later) and ‘should I tickle the cat?’ (I just shake it till it says yes).

It’s an amusing little thing. What are you find that is amusing you right now?

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