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Indie I do – Wedding Show Review

January 28, 2010

This past Saturday afternoon, my fiancé and I headed over to our first wedding show – “Indie I Do Wedding Show“.

I have to admit to being completely, irrationally, nervous. Why? Maybe because its making all this wedding stuff just a bit more real. Also, I was nervous about whether Mike and I would like the same things and whether he would be uncomfortable being there. Mostly, as crazy as this sounds, I was afraid people would look at me and declare me a fraud. “What are you doing here! You’re not supposed to be here! OUT! OUT!” and I would be the proverbial dog with its tail between it’s legs getting booted out with a broom. I of course have no idea WHY they would want to kick me out, but like I said, irrational fear.

It was a very nervous Ashley that walked through the door.

And was promptly greeted by the surprising fact that I had, completely by accident, bought my tickets in time to get a lovely little swag bag!

After that, the nerves let out a bit and I was able to enjoy the many lovely vendors.  From jewelry to hair accessories to cakes to lingerie to bachelorette party burlesque classes, to make up artists specializing in retro styles to a photobooth, it was full of so many wonderful things that I could hardly take it all in. Sadly I didn’t take any picture because my hands were full with the swag bag and trying to get business cards and such. Mike was having a good time too and so he was getting business cards as well.  It was a good, if small, first step for both of us.

Here are some of my favorite vendors.

De-Lovely Creative – Event Decor and Design – Mike and I both saw the table they had setup and went ‘Wow! We want that!’ I wish I had pictures, it was a beautiful yellow and black set up that just oozed with style, class and lots of flowers!

Photobooth Vancouver – Um… YES! I want a photobooth at my wedding.

Sunlit LetterPress – I was so happy when Mike said that he liked the letterpress invitations best. I liked them best too. Classy, stylish, and because of the press, it adds a three-dimensional aspect to a flat invitation that takes it to a whole new level.

Pure (Something) Clothing Co. – When I was in high school I wanted to be a fashion designer for about a month, but then I realized my idea of fashion is… well… at the time it was jeans and tee-shirts. Now I wear skirts too. None the less, the idea of a custom designed wedding gown makes me all giddy and Mike thought they looked lovely too.

And because of the swag bag, the fun continued after we got home and had fun opening it.

Ta da! Look at all that swag!

Here is my favorite bit.

I’m not normally the kind of person to give the finger to anyone, but this still makes me giggle.

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  1. Patti McCormick permalink
    January 28, 2010 12:31 pm

    how FUN and exciting! What a time…

  2. Hannah permalink
    January 29, 2010 10:52 pm

    I will pay you at LEAST $5 to wear that button in public. Also, does it feel SO AWESOME to call him your ‘fiance’?

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