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The Livingroom Project

August 21, 2009

I have been bit by the decorating bug. Big time. Luckily for me, so has M. So everyday I come home from work with a bunch of pictures of beautiful houses and say, “what do you think honey?” He is obviously not feeling the same love to beautiful light and white interiors that I do, while I personally, am not a huge fan of his couch colour (which he states is green and I say is grey. A very grey-green at the MOST.) So we have come up with something that will compromise.  Now we just have to attack the daunting task of taking this:


(Oh gosh I know, it’s so blah!)

and turning it into this:


Personally, I have no idea where to start! So, to help my self think and to get input from other designy type minds, here is our rough plan.

– paint the wall behind the couch a nice warm grey

– get a blue or blue/white patterned slip cover for the couch (preferably in a fabric that is easy to extract cat hair from)

– do something to hid the rockband equipment in the corner, along with the vacuum cleaner, my guitar, his bass guitar and other things that have gotten shoved in there. I’m thinking a folding screen of some sort. Any ideas?

– get red pillows and accents for room

– get a hanging lamp to help brighten it up (we’re on the north side of the building which equals very little sunlight).

– get pictures of our Italy trip printed and hang on the wall

– get a rug that will not attract cat hair like a magnet.

Well? What do you think? Do you think we can take this blah room and turn it into something I’m not ashamed of?

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  1. youngromantic permalink
    August 21, 2009 10:17 am

    I actually don’t think your room is that bad! I like the shelves and the book on the coffee table. But it could definitely use a bit more colour and personality.

    Speaking of colour, that couch is totally grey!

  2. Hannah permalink
    August 21, 2009 9:54 pm

    Darling, I’m sure it’ll look fabulous, but I think t looks fine now. You’ve never seen my house, but if it got any uglier, it’d be condemned. When you finish yours, come decorate mine! I have a whole house to do! The people before me apparently found a sale on hideous baby poop yellow and nasty olive vomit green paint.

  3. August 23, 2009 7:27 pm

    ok. here’s my 2 cents:
    1. Is the rockband equipment on the wall with the window? If so, maybe you could extend the blue curtain over the wall to hide the drums and also make the window appear larger.
    2. THe room does need more light and from different sources/heights. Larger lamps on the end tables?
    3. Are you removing the black shelves above the sofa? I think that they add too much darkness, plus a little cluttered looking cause you actually use them!
    Love the blue/gray/black/red scheme. Very modern, but not cold.
    I love redoing rooms! Have fun!!

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