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Ashley’s Productive Evening

August 6, 2009

There are some days that you just want to fall asleep all day (like today for me) and there are days where you have boundless energy.

Yesterday was the later.

Before I even arrived home from work I was busy with things. First I stopped off at the Farmer’s Market, intent on picking up some fresh veggies. What I walked away with was two bunches of sunflowers, 1/2 a pound of snow peas, baby broccoli, strawberries, carrots, and local made honey. All for just under $20! My arm was sore by the time I got home because I had to carry everything in one hand so I could hold onto a bus pole with the other.  Upon arriving home, and after a quick phone call with M. (who had to work late), I started on the laundry, cleaning the kitchen and livingroom, and then playing around with my new Polaroid 104, Canon AE-1 35 mm, and 50mm lense for my DSLR.  I set up my farmers market loot into a nice little still life (you can see a Polaroid 600 of it here, more photos to come.) I was having difficulty with the Polaroid 104, and after 3 shots I couldn’t figure out how to get it to focus. But, I couldn’t play around with it all evening… so I cleaned up, put the flowers in a vase, the veggies in the fridge, the honey in my bag to take to work to have with my tea and then ran downstairs to change the laundry. I spared 5 minutes to look up a Polaroid 104 manual online (as mine didn’t come with one) and aha! I figured out how to focus! That was when I took the delightful picture above, of my cat and my sunflowers. Then out to the grocery store to pick up things I would need for lunches tomorrow as well as for a recipe I had in mind to try.

When I got back, what do you think I did? Well, bake, yes, but also take more pictures!

Tada! My bread! Well, before it became bread. Eggs, flour, milk, butter, sugar and lavender (I didn’t include the salf or baking soda), all the components to make Lavender Tea Bread. You will note that the focus is much better in this shot. I’m so proud of myself!

This shoot required me to lock the kitty in the bathroom, to many tempting goodies at too easy a height for him to reach.

So… I finished baking my bread, finished the laundry and then fell tired but happy onto the couch almost just as M. came home.

Tonight I think I will do something lazy, like watch tv.

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