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Polaroid Picture and Tuesday Links

August 4, 2009

This is my first EVER picture with my Polaroid 104 (which I talk about here and here). All problems with it are finally fixed! Thanks to M. and his handy dandy work with a soldering iron, the camera is now getting power and making bee-utiful pictures. Admittedly, I still have to figure out the focal range a bit… but that too will come. Yes, yes it will.

And now for some Tuesday links to help the rest of the day fly by.

Love pencil crayons? Then you will love 500 pencils.  It’s kind of  like a book club… exept with pencil crayons!

Check out this fun and creative packaging from Juli Shore!

The beautiful photography of Yvette Inufio.

Oh my,  my mouth is watering just looking at all the beautiful food on foodgawker!

Wonder where your pets are disappearing to when you let them out? Maybe they’re catching the bus!

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