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A Dream of a Garden Getaway…

July 30, 2009

There seems to be a caravan theme going through the blog world right now….

Jane over at “Ill Seen, Ill Said” posted about them

Holly at “Deco8” posted about themtwice!

Now I am posting about them.

Why you might ask? Because they are so darn cute!


This is from the Gypsy Caravan Company, and seriously, who wouldn’t want one of the in their yard! What a fabulous little place to go and get away from the tv, the computer,  the chores, and just relax.  They call this design their “Reading Caravan“. So cute! I think I might melt from the sheer cuteness of it.


This image is from Plankbridge. I just look at these little caravans or shepherds huts and think, wow… what a perfect place to have a little studio in summer! Right now our aparment is a bit on the small side and my studio consists of… well… where ever I can find space! It makes for difficult times as M. keeps finding my photography equipment in the weirdest places and get’s freaked out that it’s going to break. hehehe… one day I’ll learn.



These two images are from the Shepherd’s Hut Company. Again… just too adorable! It’s like a getaway in your backyard! Ah… I wish. First I have to have a backyard before I can take advantage of these!

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