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To Hot to think

July 29, 2009

I’m not sure how the weather is for everyone else in the world, but where I am it is HOT! When you’re on vacation it’s nice that it’s warm because you can just sit and enjoy it. But when your at home and it’s hot, you can’t just avoid doing things because you’re too hot. You still have to put your hands in that hot dishwater and clean the plates, you still have to turn on the oven to make dinner, you still have to fold the hot laundry and you still have to run errands and carry bags of groceries home as fast as you can so nothing melts (namely ice cream).  All of which leaves you even more hot and sweaty and makes you think longingly of places like Iceland, glaciers, Antartica… ah, to have a cool breeze from a glacier in my face right now. I suppose I will just have to settle for a spritzer bottle with water and a fan. My evening cooling off routine goes something like this: spray water in face, stand in front of fan to feel cool air on wet skin, repeat in 10 seconds because the heat is already creeping back in.

So with all this heat and all these post ideas I have in my head but can’t formulate into words, here are some fun links. Enjoy!

Want to see the world but only have enough money to buy stamps? Well, with Postcrossing, that’s all you need in order to get postcards from random people all over the world!

Love notes written on cardboard? Very cute stuff over at Cardboard Love.

Love tea and teapots and bizarre but cute? have a look at these eccentric teapots! My favorite is the radio teapot.

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