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Flickr Fotographer Friday – Patti McCormick

July 24, 2009


It’s Flick Fotographer Friday again!

Today the fabulously fantastic and friendly fotographer (hehehe, alliteration!) is Patti McCormick. Patti’s photographs first caught my eye because of the delightful and creative way she captured flowers. It struck me as Georgia O’Keeffe meets National Geographics, artist and beautiful, but also a study of the amazing plants which grown on this earth of ours and the animals that use them for food.  Art AND Science together! How could I not love it! (I’m a science nerd from way back who ended up going to art school on a whim.)

But the more of Patti’s work I saw the more I saw not just this wonderful blending of two forms, but also the incredible talent behind the camera.

Everyone takes pictures of flowers, and some of them turn out good, but Patti does so much more than just take pictures of what she grew in her garden at a certain time (she’s and avid gardener!). As much as she loves flowers, I have to admit that I think what she is really photographing is light –  light, after it travels through space from the sun, past Venus, Mercury, the moon, the earth’s atmosphere, clouds,  and all the way down to a single flower for which that far traveling light is the nutrients it needs to survive. When I look at Patti’s photographs, I see that journey, like a journey of separated lovers, she is fantastic at capturing flowers right when they seem to be reaching out with open arms to embrace and become forever one with the sunlight.

It isn’t just her flora photographs that have this quality. Right now I’m glancing at the photo of the lemons in the yellow bowl at the bottom of the above collage, and that lemon, the one with the sunlight caressing it’s skin, that is one happy and content lemon. Patti captured that image so beautifully that even lemons, it seems, are reaching for that light, that life that Patti’s images hold. Lemons, flowers, eggs, dogs, people, everything seems magical and part of a much bigger picture when seen through the lens of Patti’s camera.

So Patti, keep on taking pictures, because you’re pictures make the smallest things seem so big and the biggest things so small. In your pictures, I can feel a world at peace.

For more of Patti’s amazing photos, check out her flick stream.

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  1. July 24, 2009 7:51 pm

    Many thanks again for featuring me and for your kind words. It is always great to know your art is appreciated!

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