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Snap of Inspiration

July 21, 2009

Sometimes the ideas that come into your head with no planning, no prior thought, just a product of the moment,  sometimes those are the best ideas.

Or so I’ve been reminded of by this photo which I posted on Flickr last Thursday.

I was sitting out on my patio, watching the cat roll around in the sun and sipping on some citrus thyme water, and my shoe kept falling off whenever I crossed my legs. “Hey I thought, that might make a cool polaroid.”  So, snap, insta-picture.  Then as I was waiting for it to develop, the phone rang (luckily I had it outside with me). Since I couldn’t hold both the polaroid and the phone, I put held it as gently as I could in the same hand holding my glass. The phone call didn’t last long, and next thing I know, I’m looking down at my lap with my cup, my polaroid of my shoe and thinking “wow, that looks really neat! I should take a picture of it.”

Snap with the digital camera and bang!

A snapshot of a moment. An inspiring idea frozen in time.

Often I berate myself for not spending as much time being creative as I would like. I went to art school but I don’t draw that much anymore. I used to write loads and loads of stories, but lately I haven’t been happy with them, so I don’t write stories much anymore. I take photos, but i feel sometimes as if I’m not pushing my creativity the way I should be. Sometimes though, when you push creative, the results feel just false or staged, like you’re trying to hard. Sometimes, you need to just sit in the sun with a glass of something cool to drink and do nothing. In this way you are opening up your mind to creativity and letting it lead you to someplace you couldn’t have found if you were looking for it.

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  1. July 23, 2009 2:48 pm

    Ashley~Love your blog!
    We have something in common: I also went to art school and continue to struggle with creativity issues and self-doubt. 🙂 Nature of the beast maybe?

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