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Taking Time Project – Hanging Thyme

June 16, 2009

Part 1 of my Taking Time Project is in the works!

This weekend I pruned my thyme plant some and after finding some snazzy yellow ribbon type twine, hung it to dry on a wall in my bedroom. I had never really thought of the smell of thyme before as being something extremely potent, but it sure filled the room with a light and breezy scent. I can hardly wait until my lavender is ready to be dried!

This part of the project wasn’t at all hard, really it just consisted of cutting plants. The hardest part was keeping my cat from eating the cuttings. But none the less I had been putting it off for a whole week before I did it. Sometimes the human mind is so funny. We put things off and put things off and when we finally get around to them, we realize that they took no time at all and weren’t worth all the thought and worry we put into them.  For this bit I was worried about cutting the thyme at the wrong time.  (Try saying that ten times fast! Thyme at the wrong time,thyme at the wrong time, thyme at the wrong time…) I couldn’t seem to find a straight answer as to whether it was best to cut it before it flowered, after, or while it was flowering. I ended up cutting it while it was flowering, near the end of the flowering stage. If anyone knows more, I would love to know if I did this correctly, as I still have more thyme growing and will hopefully get a few more cuttings.

My next bit of the project is to get myself a mortar and pestel so I can grind up the dried herbs, once they are dry.

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