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Reminance of a Passing

May 29, 2009

On Monday, I had a day off and so my boyfriend and I decided we were going to have a mini holiday. There have been all kinds of stresses and worries looming around our heads recently, and so we wanted a break from them all. We went out to a resturant we’d never been to, in an area of the city neither of us had visited in at least 3 years. Then we went to the beach and sat in the sand and read (Me still slogging through “War and Peace” and him a Hockey Goaltender’s guide). At a certain point we realized that the beach was too comfy and we were both wanting to fall asleep, so up we got, packed up our stuff and took a walk around the large park near the beach. At the end of the walk we were both thirsty so we went to Starbucks (such a luxioury!) and got passion fruit iced teas. It was a beautiful day of forgetting our troubles and enjoying each other’s company. This swan feather we saw in a pond in the park.

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