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The Red Tree

May 20, 2009

The Red Tree by Shaun Tan

A year or so ago, I saw this image on printed on a canvas at a local picture and frame store. I walked past it every day for almost a week on my way to work. Each day I would look for it in the window, crossing my fingers that it wasn’t sold. That pay day, I went in and bought it. The image was so striking to me I just had to have it. The sweet little smile on the girls face, the lovely red tree, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  At the tim I had no idea who the artist was. Neither did anyone who saw the image at my house. Not to long later, I saw another image at the shop, obviously by the same artist. I bought it too.

The Megaphone by Shaun Tan

So now I had two beautiful canvas prints hanging on my wall, but with no idea who the artist was.

Today I decided I would do a quick google search for “girl with red tree”  maybe I would be able to find it in google images. As soon as I hit the search button, there it was, my beautiful picture of the red haired girl and the red tree, smiling back at me from my computer screen. It turns out that the artist is also a children’s book author, his name is Shaun Tan. Perhaps you have heard of him, I have actually seen various of his books on display at book stores. But I hadn’t seen his book from which the image of the red tree came from. It is apptly named “The Red Tree”. It sounds like a very interesting and beautifully illustrated book.  It’s now on my wish list.

To Mr. Shaun Tan, thank you for such beautiful and inspiring images.

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