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April 25, 2009

After a couple week break, I’m back on flickr, for anyone who happened to wonder where I was in that realm. Life suddenly became insanely busy and I was a bit overwhelmed. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t busy with activity, but with thought.  Sometimes thinking is good. And other times, a little post-it note can brighten your day. Like this one here from my Poladroid a Day series. My honey wakes up later than me because I have a crazy long commute to work. So one morning I left a little something for him to find on the bathroom mirror. It’s actually still there, I don’t know if either of us has the heart to take it down. Everytime I see it I smile and he does too. The only one who doesn’t get much out of it is the cat, but he can’t read so that might be why.

I hope everyone else is having a love filled day.

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