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Ode to a Pen

March 12, 2009

Poladroid a Day (23:365) : Ode to a Pen

Originally uploaded by Ash Tree Photography (Ashley)

Lead is the blood of pencils,
As ink is the blood of pens.
Once the blood is all spilled out,
It can’t be refilled again.

Lately I’ve been writing poetry in my head on the bus rides home from work. Every once in a while I go through phases like that, so I’ve been trying to write the poems down as much as possible. This one turned into one of my Poladroids a day.

You might notice the brilliantly messy writing at that bottom, that is my handwriting that I turned into a font using . The best part? It’s FREE!! yes, completely free. When I heard about this site I thought it was so ulitmately cool that I couldn’t help squealing about it for almost an hour. My boyfriend, M. concured that it is ‘super-uber-cool’ and we squealed about it together. (Well, more me squealing and him saying “This is SOOO cool!” all deep and manly.)

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