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And the wine tonight is…

February 13, 2009

Poladroid a Day (3/365) : And the wine tonight is…

Originally uploaded by Ash Tree Photography (Ashley)

Day number 3 of my year long project of taking a picture a day and turning it into a poladroid.

And what better thing to commemorate than a bottle of wine!

This wine, Cono Sur, is from Chile. It’s organic, which is always a bonus, and it wasn’t even that expensive! Most organic wines are around $25-35 per bottle, but this one was under $20! I admit I was first attracted to it’s label. I know, I’ve been told to never judge a book (or a bottle of wine) by it’s cover, but I went to art school and really can’t helping noticing good design. For me, the good design in this label is the simplicity. But simplicity is anything but what you get from this wine!

A Cabernet Sauvignon, which I admit is not usually my choice of wines, this has an aromatic, fruity smell. Just opening the bottle infuses my kitchen with a sense of the slightly exotic. It’s taste is sharp, but it’s neither too bitter or too sweet. It is not a smooth wine, it does not sing a lullaby to your tastebuds or play a relaxing instrumental. The instant it hits your lips there is a sense of anticipation, and then, BANG! The party starts! Fruity, fun, and woodsy in the style of fauns and nymphs is how I would describe the sensation. Tonight I had it with pizza and it went wonderfully, though I bet it would go equally so with a more sophisticated dish.

I hoped you enjoyed my wine review! If you can’t tell, I’ve never actually written about wine before. I love to taste it, but I’m a bit clumsy when it comes to putting those tastes and sensations into words.

Cheers everyone!

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