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Missing Italia

January 28, 2009

Vino – Gallo Brille

Originally uploaded by Ash Tree Photography (Ashley)

In June, my boyfriend and I took a month long trip to Italy. It was the most amazing trip I’ve ever been on. Besides the fact that it was my first trip overseas and to a country where English was not the main language, it was incredible to because we both, almost instantly, fell in love with Italia.

Now, in the last dying days of January and with February and it’s long, dark, wet days looming just around the corner, I find myself thinking of Italy more and more often. Missing it, remember fondly things I had previously forgotten and wishing desperately to be able to lay aside money to make the trip again, even if just to Rome. But in these economically unstable times, money seems to just be able to get us by with not much to put aside for frivilous things like trips. And so my thoughts of Italy are sad, since I do not know when I will be able to return. Ah Italia, I miss you so much and wish to see you again soon.

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