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Time is speeding up it seems..

December 19, 2008

Ornaments in Snow

Originally uploaded by Ash Tree Photography (Ashley)

Every year it seems that Christmas comes more quickly than the year before. Is it just that I am filling the time before Christmas with more to do, or is time actually speeding up? It’s far more likely the first of those two options. Even though now I am currently spending most of my time at home, every day seems to race by and I feel sometimes as if I can barely hang on long enough to get a few things done. But in the end, is getting the laundry done, or the kitchen cleaned or the cat brushed really things I should worry about and make into to-do lists in my head before I go to sleep? Ah, what I would give to go back to the days where only sugar plums danced in my head.

Sometimes we need to slow down from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the little things. It doesn’t always have to be roses, sometimes it’s just taking the time out of the chores and the running around to do something we enjoy – like take pictures of ornaments in freshly fallen snow.

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